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holihock.bmp	Large, fully double flowers of deep rose red appear all along the Alcea rosea Majorette Mixed Half Hardy Annual Flowers: Mid to Late Summer Posit
Astergiantof california.jpg	Aster Giant of California : Tall plants to 30cm with large shaggy Ostrich type flowers on long stems. A good colour range and perfect for cut flowers
petunia_f1_glorious_double.jpg	Compact 12 inch plants produce massive 3-4 inch carnation-like double flowers. Colors include burgundy, bright red, scarlet, lavender blue, violet blu
carnationchaubad.jpg Well known variety that combines all qualities together. The fragrance and the range of colour is very good. Double beautifully scented, fringed flowe
    Delhi Seeds is the first portal in India that offers Flower and Vegetable seeds from World Renowned Breeders & Collectors for Garden Lovers in NCR Region.       We guarantee you the best quality seeds with highest germination rate in specified soil conditions.       Every seed needs equal amount of care to grow to become a plant and bear flowers and vegetables. Choose the best quality seeds for best results.  
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